A true natural treasure an hour from the Japanese capital, Sagami Bay inevitably enchants the visitor with its many assets. Bordering Kanagawa Prefecture, bordering Tokyo Prefecture, this charming bay offers a setting conducive to the discovery of Japan between land and sea. In addition to visiting the city of Kamakura, the star of day trips from Tokyo, the discovery of the bay from the sea and the exploration of Enoshima Island, with Mount Fuji as a backdrop, are not to be missed!

Sailing the waters of Sagami Bay

There is nothing better way to appreciate the beauty of a bay than to leave the mainland to sail out to sea. Cruising on the waters of Sagami Bay is therefore the best option to discover the many charms of this natural setting. As a bonus, the bay enjoys the image of a yachting bay. Several marinas stretch along the coast, including the very chic Riviera Zushi Marina, which is located just a few minutes by bus from the Zushi train station. This marina offers aficionados of exquisite panoramic views the opportunity to set out to sea to enjoy the spectacle of the bay from a new angle. Aboard 14-seater pleasure boats, far from the standards of the ever-growing yachting industry, a cruise of about forty minutes takes us peacefully off the coast towards a breathtaking panorama. With a 360-degree view from the roof of the boat, it is very pleasant to enjoy the visual spectacle between the beaches of Shonan, the graceful silhouette of Enoshima Island, the endless horizon and, of course, the unparalleled beauty of Mount Fuji. The tranquillity of the cruise and the calm waters push the visitor to succumb to the call of the carpe diem and let go of so much natural beauty. And as the boat sails towards the small island, the iconic shape of Enoshima is superimposed on the no less famous silhouette of the easily recognizable Fuji-san. The cruise ends with lunch in one of the marina's restaurants, the AO, which also offers an idyllic setting to enjoy the bay and Fuji-san. The senses are in turmoil.

Discover the peaceful and intimate Enoshima Island

To reach Enoshima Island from Kamakura Station, the traveller has the opportunity to take one of the most iconic railway lines in the Archipelago: the Enoden Line. This appetite indirectly accentuates the charm of Enoshima, this famous small island of 4 km in circumference; it often served as inspiration to the ukiyo-e specialist painter, Hokusai, who liked to represent it with Mount Fuji in the background. Nowadays, the attractiveness of Enoshima still lies mainly in the exceptional panorama it offers over the bay and the famous mountain. From the top of the Enoshima Sea Candle, a tower built on top of the island, the view is remarkable and striking, day and night. But Enoshima's qualities don't stop there, on the contrary. The atmosphere on this piece of land is tasty and encourages the visitor to enjoy the moment. During the visit, temples and sanctuaries, small craft shops and charming restaurants as well as a beautiful botanical garden follow one another. Due to the current sports news, Enoshima will also be the scene of the sailing events for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, a great reward for Kanagawa Prefecture, which is the first ambassador of its region.

List of marinas offering cruises in Sagami Bay: Hayama Marina and Shonana Marina

Text by Julien LOOCK