The Landes department is the second largest French department in terms of surface area. The Silver Coast is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean with 106 kilometres of beaches, bordered by dunes and protected by a forest of maritime pines. As a result, this destination has some very beautiful spots for surfers: the beach of La Gravière in Hossegor, Capbreton, Seignosse and Biscarrosse. Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains is an essential seaside resort with its fine sandy beaches, its marine lake, its summer activities and its festive atmosphere. The Landes have five thermal resorts, located thanks to the benefits of the local waters and the silt of the Adour: Eugénie-les-Bains, Préchacq-les-Bains, Dax and its unique mud in the world, Saint-Paul-lès-Dax just nearby and, further south, Saubusse, the nearest thermal resort to the Atlantic Ocean. On the nature side, the Landes have many lakes (Hossegor, Agès) and ponds (Cazaux, Biscarosse, Soustons, Aureilhan). They also have their "little Amazon", within the Huchet Current Nature Reserve, a real umbilical cord between Léon's pond and the Atlantic Ocean. Apart from surfing, Landes racing is a very popular sport that is practiced almost exclusively with female cows and without killing. The other advantage of the Landes is the gastronomy. It occupies a significant place in the Landes art of living. There are many local products: fattened ducks, Landes farm chickens from Saint-Sever, Chalosse beef, asparagus, not to mention Armagnac and Tursan wines.

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When to go to the Landes? Summer is the most popular and best time of year to enjoy the beaches, ocean, lakes and ponds, but every season has its own activities. In summer, it will be swimming, surfing and golf. Thermalism is practiced rather between March and November, January being the coldest month with risks of snow. Fishing and site visits take place all year round even if the high season is the most favourable. As on the entire Atlantic coast the low season is the cheapest in terms of accommodation, but inland prices do not vary much. The Landes are festive and the most important event remains the Dax fair in mid-August: white dress with belt and red scarf, novillada, bullfighting and the rejon race (form of bullfighting on horseback) in the arenas, bullfighting in the streets and continuous bodegas. Début July in Mont-de-Marsan, trip to Spain with Arte Flamenco. The Sanguinet Jazz Festival attracts a large number of fans on the third weekend of July with its very eclectic programme. In Saint-Sever, the last weekend of November or the first of December, the Festivolailles takes place, an event which, as its name suggests, is dedicated to the celebration of Landes poultry.

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When to go to the Landes? Summer is the most popular and best time of year to enjoy the beaches, ocean, lakes and pon...
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The weather in the Landes is characterized by an oceanic climate with mild, sometimes rainy winters, and hot and some...
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