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Les îles Lofoten, la fantastique nature arctique de la Norvège

Do you want to discover unknown places on the other side of the planet? Head for Norway and its Arctic region to explore a part of the world still preserved from mass tourism, which will particularly appeal to visitors eager for adventure and lovers of triumphant nature. This Nordic dream is waiting for you in the Lofoten Islands. Located some 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, this archipelago is one of Norway's most beautiful jewels. This ...

Top 10 des plus beaux villages d'Europe

The countries of Europe can boast of some superb villages. Peaceful, timeless places, where people like to stroll through the streets and alleys to contemplate the architecture, stop in a shop and sit at a good table. The villages can be perched on top of a hill, nestled between the mountains or situated on the edge of the sea or a lake. The surrounding nature helps to make them unique. From Central Europe to the South, the East and the ...

10 animaux magnifiques en voie de disparition à voir en voyage

The discovery of wildlife is one of the musts of a trip when you are in love with nature and wide open spaces. Unfortunately, today, many animal species are threatened with extinction, due to global warming, unregulated hunting, destruction of natural habitats, industry, human activity in general... Even though many organizations are fighting for the protection of species, it is unfortunately very likely that several of them will become ...

Top 10 des plus beaux endroits où voir un coucher de soleil

Who hasn't wanted to spend an evening, stop everything and let themselves be carried away by the rhythm of nature? That's what the sun offers, when at the end of the day, the sun slowly lowers to make way for the moon. Far from the daily hustle and bustle, to watch a sunset is to stop, contemplate the sun and watch nature sublimate itself. If the process is always the same, some sunsets hold many surprises and transport us into a world ...